Economic and Social Empowerment

The Government of Jordan has strengthened its commitment in recent years to gender equality and women’s social and economic empowerment through Jordan’s Renaissance Plan 2019-2020 and more recently through the preparation of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Action Plan under the Mashreq Gender Facility. Furthermore, the Jordan National Commission for Women is coordinating the development of the National Women’s Strategy, encompassing the government’s vision of women’s empowerment and the national plans that address different areas of gender equality. The note touches on societal and household level issues such as existing social norms; the enabling environment provided by the legal framework; specific constraints to women’s economic activity that are pronounced in the Jordan context such as access to care provisions and transport; access to entrepreneurship and finance, with a focus on technology-enabled services; and what may be considered to attract more Jordanian women in the rural areas to engage in employment in the agriculture sector. Given the saturation of the public sector in terms of employment, the focus is specifically on areas in which the private sector may play a leading role.